2015 MSS InDepths

How Chaos in Libya Spawned a Security Nightmare in the Mediterranean

Second MSS InDepth article by Ioannis Chapsos:
Libya has been in a state of chaos ever since the fall of its former dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, and the situation scarcely seems to be improving. But it’s not just a nightmare on land – Libya is starting to poison the Mediterranean too…
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The Italian Merchant Fleet at a Glance

In terms of gross tonnage, Italy’s merchant fleet is the world’s 11th largest.
At 18,492,000 gross tonnes, the fleet has more than doubled in size since 1998. In terms of vessel age, considerable investments have maintained Italy’s fleet one of the youngest remaining constantly far below the international average…
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The recent collision between a migrant vessel and a merchant ship in which several hundred victims drowned while attempting to reach the southern shores of Europe has forced the European Union to address migration and attempt to find solutions to a series of diverse direct and indirect problems. While the U.N. Secretary General underlines the concept of addressing migration from a holistic point of view, in a climate of spending cuts and reduced budgets European citizens contest the assigning of social housing to migrants.
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