Main Topics

The Holistic Approach is the overall theme to the summit, to this end the first session will focus on a definition of what Maritime Security actually is and on defining the relationships and interactions between stakeholders.

Panelists will examine the current situation and discuss means of collaboration between stakeholders and changes in approach that will encourage greater efficiency.

Principal themes:

puntino     Who are the Global and Regional Stakeholders
puntino     Cooperation Between Actors
puntino     Relations between the private and public sectors
puntino     Operational Experiences and lessons learned
puntino     Disseminating Best Practices

Changes on land and sea have a direct impact on Maritime Security. Amongst many others social and political Instability, poverty and natural disasters all lead to greater challenges and require strategies and solutions to counter their effect.

This session will examine the changes to professional roles and the requirement for training that are required to contrast crime, establish standards and foster ever greater cooperation.

Principal themes:

puntino     Changing ‘Seascapes’
puntino     Future crime scenarios
puntino     Illegal migration
puntino     Joined-up Collaboration
puntino     Sharing Best Practices

This session will examine where the threats to Port and Terminal Security lie today and in the future.

Particular emphasis will lie on examining standards, interaction and communications between ports and terminals and identifying future roles and responsibilities. Panelists will examine means via which identify security gaps and their potential consequences.

Principal themes:

puntino     Defining the Risks
puntino     Actors & Stakeholders
puntino     Softspots & Weaknesses

How is technology transforming the Maritime industry? Can technology help save money by increasing our understanding of threats to operations? Can technology help implement risk mitigation measures that lower costs and insurance premiums?

Can reliable intelligence b delivered in a fashion that helps lower risks through taking practical counter measures?

This session will examine a number of issue that range from sourcing and sharing intelligence, to what are the benefits and potential risks of an ever greater reliance on technology.

Principal themes:

puntino     Situational Awareness and Maritime Intelligence
puntino     Cyber Threats
puntino     The Inherent Risks of Technology

Panelists will discuss exactly what the impact of crime on the shipping world is and what can be done to improve the situation. Experts will examine where the risks lie and what changes we might see in the future.

The focus will lie on understanding who the victims are and what needs to be done to mitigate, protect and support all of those concerned.

Principal themes:

puntino     Piracy and Armed Robbery
puntino     Maritime Terrorism
puntino     Human Trafficking
puntino     Arms and Drugs Trafficking
puntino     Security of all seafarers and fishermen

This session will examine the convergences between security, insurance and legality with particular emphasis in what shipowners need to know. Focus will be placed on the grey areas and advice given as to how they can be addressed.

Panelists will come from the legal, insurance and private security sectors.

Principal themes:

puntino     Legality, Security and Insurance Cover
puntino     Assuring Legality
puntino     Hijack & Ransom Cover

This session sets the objective of examining current and future threats to the cruiseliner industry. Unique within a varied industry, cruiseliners are floating cities whose crew and passengers are exposed to risks that range from hijackings to on-board criminal activity, from shore visit security to transiting high risk areas.

Panelists will examine where responsibilities lie and critical issues to the chain of command.

Principal themes:

puntino     Hijackings
puntino     On board crime
puntino     High risk Areas
puntino     Future Threats
puntino     Mitigation & Solutions

The impact of geopolitics on the interests of the shipping and maritime communities cannot be underestimated; heightened tensions in disputed areas can lead to route changes, access to ports can be denied, fuel and insurance prices may rise or fall.

This session, organised in collaboration with the Propeller Club, Port of Genoa, aims to address the issue of geopolitical impact in a practical rather than academic or theoretic fashion.

Attendees will learn how modifications to contracts and insurance policies are calculated and implemented, how certain risk factors can be forecast and how critical information is disseminated.

Principal themes:

puntino     Current reality and critical issues
puntino     Decision making models
puntino     Impact on contracts
puntino     Impact on hull and machinery insurance
puntino     Impact on Goods Insurance