2017 News

The Changing Face of Maritime Security

The Med Security Summit is the only event of it’s type in Italy. Part of the Genoa Shipping Week, the first edition was held in September 2015 and is now a fixed appointment in this important calendar of events and meetings.
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2015 News

Maritime Security at a Crossroads

Somalia remains a failed state. Poverty, the absence of enforced law and psychopathy masquerading as a just cause foments an environment where money for gain, or money to finance terror, means that piracy in the Indian Ocean has not gone away. What started in the Somalian North as a tax on shipping is a continuing threat to global trade.
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Mediterranean migrants crisis: Is military force the solution?

European leaders are scrambling to find a way of stemming the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean after a large spike in deaths drew public condemnation. The most radical draft proposal being discussed is the push for a military mandate to destroy boats used by people traffickers before they set out to sea.
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Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio says he is not happy with EU accord

The leading Vatican official on migration has warned against the use of military action to deal with the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. After a European Union (EU) summit on the crisis held in Brussels on Thursday, Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio criticised a proposal to bomb boats used by smugglers.
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‘Captain’s Error’ Sank Overloaded Migrant Boat

The captain and a crew member are arrested after being separated from 25 other survivors who were taken to an Italian port.
The shipwreck that killed hundreds of migrants off the Libyan coast was caused by a mistake the captain made piloting the overcrowded vessel, Italian investigators have said.
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One coastal tanker hijacked every two weeks in South East Asia

A small coastal tanker is hijacked by pirates in South East Asia every two weeks on average, a report from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has revealed. South East Asia accounts for 55% of the world’s 54 piracy and armed robbery incidents since the start of 2015.
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India seizes 200 kg heroin shipment on Pakistani boat

India seized 200 kg of heroin from Pakistani drug traffickers aboard a boat on the Arabian sea, a defence official said on Tuesday, in a $15 million haul that is one of the country’s largest and comes as narcotic flows escalate from Afghanistan.
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